Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Canon Announces EOS R, It's First Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

For years people were waiting for this phenomenal moment and today, it is finally happening! Canon has released its first full-frame mirrorless camera and lenses and people are psyched!

Speculations were made about full-frame mirrorless cameras by other renowned brands but no one saw it happening. And then, few months back, a rumor sprung about how Canon is taking this technology seriously. And they finally did it!

Both camera and lens system are names EOS R.

Let’s get down to serious details, shall we?

EOS R has a full-frame sensor which is of 30.3 megapixels. The sensor has an ISO ranging between 100 and 40,000. The camera consists of a segmented touch-screen along with an OLED electronic viewfinder. Other than that, the top of the camera consists of an information panel. Canon’s DIGIC 8 image processor and EOS R’s sensor are paired together.

Talking about the body of the camera, it is similar to a DSLR, only slender.

The intriguing factor, you ask? Canon has given us plenty.

EOS R does not follow the traditional controls that other Canon cameras previously functioned on. Settings like aperture can be set from the lens itself, thanks to the control rings that are installed for lenses alone. You can zoom in and out as well as manually focus with the dials present on the lenses.
What’s really catching everyone’s attention is when the camera is turned off and the lens is removed, the shutter automatically shuts itself and hence the sensor in the camera remains protected. A user has said, “It may sound pretty easy, but no other company has really done it. And I’m not so sure why.”
Now, let’s talk about EOS R lens system.

The lenses are:
1.    24-105mm f/4 L
2.    50mm f/1.2mm L
3.    28-70mm f/2 L
4.    35mm f/1.8 macro

The camera will come under the price range of $2,299. This price is for body only. The price will become $3,399 when a 24-105mm f/4 L is bought with it.

It will be up for sale from late October. Though, it is available for pre-order from 12th September.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Media Designs Showreel 2018

At Media Designs, we leave no stones unturned, we get excited at challenges and are adamant to find creative solutions to difficult problems.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Make a Stronger Impact through Creative Video Presentation at Auto Expo 2018

Corporate videos are a smart way to showcase your product in an engaging manner. This year, at the Auto Expo, display your worth using a compelling video.

Media Designs is a leading corporate video production house in Delhi. We are a dynamic team passionate about film-making determined to provide quality services to our clients.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Once More, Media Designs commended in Gujarat

In the first week of November, 2017, we were given a new assignment by the team of Nagata. They had an event planned for Gujarat’s plant inauguration on 15th November and they needed two videos for the event. The first video was about the journey of Nagata group and the second one was a presentation video for the Gujarat plant.

Our team was determined to succeed in providing the video as per client brief. The work started as soon as the client brief was received. Proceeding towards the completion of the project we faced a few challenges on our way. One of the major challenges was that we had to deliver the videos in just 5 days in which we had to execute everything from script writing and shooting to editing. We had a strict deadline and to meet it, we had to work late hours and we had to shoot and edit the footage the same day.

The entire Nagata group was impressed by our deliverables. The MD of the Nagata group appreciated the efforts put in by our team and the videos delivered. We are grateful for the positive feedback.  

Monday, October 16, 2017


videos are a valuable way of Communicating Information. With attention spans dropping and the need to get larger amounts of information across in a shorter period of time, a well-placed Video can take your Presentation to the next level.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

LightBox - A New Memeber in our Production Kit

We are pleased to announce the new addition to our production kit - Light Box. This Light Box is ideal to capture awesome product photography.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Once more, Media Designs glorified in Singapore !!

A week back Nagata India, one of our significant clients approached us to make a video for them emphasizing on the agenda of Tool Localization. The video to be showcased at Maruti Vendor’s Meet in Singapore, the star points of the video being technology up gradation & world class tool room with an aim to endorse Make in India Initiatives. 

Without wasting a single moment our team got down to work with an all round team effort and Customer satisfaction as an objective. From scripting till on set shoot and then the post production our team was on its toes to bring out the best of this project. Our dedications lead us to work 24 hours continuously along with the Nagata team to meet the respective deadline. At the end our determination and commitment to deliver a well equipped and cutting edge video brought colours as we delivered the final video in a week`s time. 

And it was a proud moment when Nagata MD personally congratulates us.