Friday, June 28, 2013

Business Activities & Areas, which can directly benefit from telling the story via corporate video

Trade events/shows: The whole idea of participating in a trade show is to exhibit the company and its products. Highly impactful video with motion graphics can be produced to reinforce the company’s messages and invite visitors to step into stall, thus presenting you and your team the opportunity to convert those leads into real prospects.

Training: Training is one of the major costs for most companies of all sizes. Creating well thought out training videos can impact the company’s bottom line positively as these videos can reduce the time it takes to train human resource and help them become more productive. Further these videos can be translated in multiple languages, if necessary, for different types of subjects and audiences.

Corporate events: Company events like annual meetings, presentations, conferences, seminars, product demonstrations, all lend themselves excellently to video.

Corporate communications: These video augments and enhances press releases, allowing you to not only integrate such media releases into your own website, but also distribute them to television channels & electronic media.

Corporate briefings: Video allows you to communicate with your stake-holders.  It also involves a compelling and an engaging way which retains their attention and loyalty.

Public relations: These videos allows for direct engagement with the audience. With latest production techniques, visual aids can be integrated within the video to re-enforce your message.

Human resources: Companies can benefit enormously from corporate videos where HR policies and procedures are explained in a unified and consistent manner. A company can save a huge time and effort due to these videos.

Induction videos: Getting the right employees and team in business is probably one of the most critical aspect of gaining profits & success. Creating induction videos to take prospective employees on a guided tour of the work environment, the company’s policies, the country, the available facilities are very strong inducements for prospective employees to positively consider working for the company.

Testimonials: one of the best marketing methods is to get your customers to do your praise; however, ensure that what’s being said is believable, record it, develop it properly and use it in your corporate or even use it as-is on your website.


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