Thursday, October 10, 2013

General tips to record sound for your video production

It is absolutely important to get right sound for your video production, without good sound your work will look sloppy and boring. A smooth soundtrack made your video remarkable. Therefore you need to plan your sound just as carefully as you plan your video shoot. Here we share some general tips that improve your sound recording during the shoot.

  • Get the Mic as close as possible to your subject.
  • Always monitor the sound level from the camera.
  • Use separate microphone, build in camera microphone produces hamming sound.
  • Choose a good location - check for all kinds of things that could make noise like air conditioning, outside noise, ambient noise etc.


  1. Great suggestions and some interesting comments to boot. In corporate video productions sound plays an important role.Without good & soothing sound your video will be of no these are great tips to record sound for video production.Corporate videos are sure shot way to promote your products.

  2. I always hate when people don't monitor the sound in their productions. It always starts to sound cheap when the sound starts clipping. It is an easy problem to avoid if you are paying attention.

  3. It's a good idea to get the mic really close. A lot of the older movies had to hide the microphone in a flower pot or something and have the actors speak into the flowers. It's interesting to see how far video production has come.