Saturday, September 20, 2014

How to use corporate videos in your E-mail Campaign

Using corporate videos in your e-mail newsletters can add better engagement than simply send a text mail. Through the inclusion of videos in e-mail increase the consumer awareness towards the company. If it is done suitably, it can work like a sales person.   
It is very easy to add addresses in your e-mail list. However, people open your e-mails or not are another matter entirely. According to marketing research adding videos in your e-mail increases the 50% chance to engage the viewer attention.
Obviously, using video can make a strong effect on consumer behavior. It can increase the opening response and click- through rates substantially. By integrating videos into e-mail campaigns, it can bring a level of engagement that text cannot. Using video also creates a warm loyalty, trust and engagement towards the companies.  

So how your video gives the impression? Below are a few ideas that can help you to make amazing videos.
Keep the video crisp & short – While people checking their e-mail usually don’t have the time to watch 8 - 10 min. long video, people love to watch short, crisp and informative content videos. So your first priority while making these videos should make them crisp & short.
Informative & Engaging content People love to watch informative & entertaining videos, so you have to make it lively & interesting videos. Hiring a video production company can help you to make interesting videos if you are the newcomer in that context.

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