Friday, July 17, 2015

Minimize camera weight’s effect on your picture quality

Today we would like to share our experience on how to minimize camera weight’s effect on our picture quality. Many of us generally do not take it that seriously, however if you have experienced tripods use in photography you would be concerned for the same. Yes camera weight really affects our photography.

As a corporate video production, with our experience we have learned few tricks to resolve the problem. Let’s share these with you:-

Use Your Shoulders: Use your shoulders to handle the weight of camera. If you squeeze our shoulders against our tummy or chest while holding camera, we may get lesser weight on your fists and joints. In this position, you would be able to hold the camera for longer duration and camera would shake lesser.

Use Tripod: Another option you may use is a tripod. Tripod is an essential accessory used for photography. A tripod gives base or stand to any DSLR camera hence maintains stabilization for camera while capturing a photo.

Image Stabilization Lenses: Image stabilization is a less used feature given in the lenses for DSLR cameras. Image stabilization (IS) is a family of techniques used to reduce blurring or fogy associated with the motion of a camera during exposure.

These are some important factors to remember which would help you maintain and handle the weight of DSLR cameras. We hope they help you to capture outstanding photos.

Good Luck & Good Hunting!  

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