Thursday, October 15, 2015

Know Your Camera - ISO Sensitivity I Camera Basics

ISO is a given feature in DSLRs or Any Digital Camera Which is helpful If we use it wisely, It can also ruin the photos, If we do not realize its purpose and functionality.

ISO is a feature which changes camera sensitive for light, if ISO is higher camera would be more sensitive, If ISO is lower camera would be less sensitive. So now the real question is, why do we need light sensitivity anyway? Learning light sensitivity for operating a camera is as important as learning chords to play Guitar. Light sensitivity makes any camera more flexible and vibrant, as it gives more functionality over different light conditions.

Source: Wiki How

ISO Requirement
Low light conditions are one of the perfect scenarios to use ISO feature. ISO gives more exposure in such conditions, which would be helpful for camera to work more precise in low light. ISO then also comes with certain drawbacks, making noises or grains in photos are the few drawback of ISO.

Grains are unusual and unwanted dots which emerge in photos while capturing with higher ISO, usually given ISO in DSLRs is from 100 to 6400. For perfect and lesser grains it would be wiser to use ISO maximum till 1200 in few cases above this the grains would get noticeable. ISO also is helpful for Freeze motion Photography, as it gives more exposure, camera can click photos quicker.

Hope you would have got a faint idea of ISO feature, more practice would help you expertise its use.

Below are different ISO Speed Example:
ISO 100 – 1 second
ISO 200 – 1/2 of a second
ISO 400 – 1/4 of a second
ISO 800 – 1/8 of a second
ISO 1600 – 1/16 of a second
ISO 3200 – 1/32 of a second

We wish your skills become more precise and you capture moments you seek.

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