Friday, March 18, 2016

Yet Again, Media Designs applauded in Germany !!

One week back, one of our major clients, Oerlikon Graziano approached us to make a video on their new installation at the plant, the CGC Furnace. The video was supposed to be showcased at Global Leader’s Meet in Germany. Oerlikon wanted to showcase this installation to their Global leaders as the CGCF project is paradigm of excellence at work.  

Our team understood the situation really well and started working without wasting a single moment. Keeping team spirit in heart and customer satisfaction in mind, we started working on script and shooting simultaneously. After rigorously shooting for 4 days we came to post production with a strategy to deliver an impressive video that would come back with an excellence award from Germany. The rough cut was sent for approval and changes were made on the 6th day. Consequently, our commitment to the client met and the final video was delivered in a week’s time. 

And it was a pride moment when we learned that Oerlikon Graziano won the excellence award and the video was much appreciated at the award ceremony.

The next day followed with an appreciation e-mail in our inboxes saying, “The CGCF video has been much appreciated at the Awards Ceremony and in fact everyone's feedback has been that this is the best that could have been achieved within the given time frame. Some have even said that it is better than the Excellence Video made last year. Heartiest Congratulations to the complete Team. You have only raised the bar of expectations!!
You people simply rock  - Mukul Rustagi (Executive,HR)!!”

This project has only taught us to raise the expectations of our clients and provide them with our best. Media Designs aims higher while overpowering the barriers. We look forward for more challenges!

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