Friday, August 9, 2013



Shooting is the actual process of filming. Here the director takes over and the script, actors and the sets or locations are subject to his creative vision & angle. You’ll instantly improve the quality of your shots if you match the lens and camera distance on each reversal angle. The lighting effect is also an important key factor for your shoots. Setting up lights is the most time-consuming task in film shoots. You should light your film or video shot by shot. This means that when you relocate the camera to shoot a different angle, the lights must be moved as well to ensure the subject is always lit correctly. It is good practice to shoot a scene in such a way as to minimize the need to relocate lights.

We specialize in on-location shoots (especially industrial shots) and are also adept at shooting at sets. Our production team & professionals are all well qualified and reliable professionals. This ensures that shooting consumes very little time and your project does not go beyond the budget. We are fast and cost-effective while still delivering a quality project because we believe in doing the best we can.

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