Tuesday, August 6, 2013

CORPORATE FILMING PROCESS - making awesome corporate films

Films are reflection of our life. A corporate film is a reflection of the corporate entity. When a film is made its success depends on many aspects such as the script, camera and the Director.
Here at Media Designs we understand the client’s vision and purpose behind making the film and we portray it in the best way possible. At Media Designs, we reflect in our movies the vision you have in a way that the audience will see and understand. We reflect the best of yours in our videos. Here in this series we will discuss all key aspects of the corporate film making.


Writing can generally be done by anyone. However for the purposes of advertising, script-writing or website design oriented writing the writer must be able to state only what is required. This does not mean that there should be no humor in the writing, by all means one could make one’s audience laugh but the end purpose must always be to attain maximum exposure for the client and not to beat around the bush.

 The writing must be unobtrusive, it must not be distracting, it must be to the point and it must be believable. Writing is always inspired but writing without research will prove to be aimless and mere myth like cold fusion. Much research is required in order to have originality and creativity. As much as any other copywriter would like you to believe that writing copy is an art, it is sadly untrue, copy is meant to sell something, and it is designed to make a point. Creativity has its place but good copy writing is always a showstopper, it is a sales proposition that is hard to ignore. This is what we believe at Media Designs.

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